Sohoton Cave – Experience


The first thing you have to know when you travel to this Basey town in Samar known for its caves, underground rivers and diverse ecosystem. There is no “ey” sound in the Waray dialect.

The correct pronunciation is Basai or Basay. The word Basey or its mispronunciation was propagated by American soldiers based in the town during the American colonial period.

If you have limited time, no worries you can explore some amazing sites even for just a day. We did that the last time I was there as part of the tour by Provincial Tourism Office of Samar.

One of the most exciting part was the Cave Adventure. There are cave connections in Sohoton but still a lot are yet to be explored.

That day, we explored the most popular cave, the Panhulugan Cave.

How about Kayaking along the river?

More fun adventures when we traveled to the natural bridge through kayaking. This natural bridge is a famous spot that you should definitely visit once you’re in Basey.


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