October 23, 2018



The History of Catbalogan, Samar.

  • Catbalogan is the Capital of Samar.
  • Catbalogan was then a Municipality. but, it became a component city.
  • “Tahong or mussels” are a major industry in the province.
  • Samar now is the Home to a network of amazing caves., Though most of Samar Island remains off-the-radar for local tourists.
  • Catbalogan is the home of “Tribu Katbalaugan”., the champion during the Aliwan Festival.

  • The fishing industry is part of Catbalogan’s economic activity.
  • In Catbalogan, a fisherman is called “manaragat” in the local dialect.
  • Thus, the festival is also a tribute to all the fishermen.

New Profile of Catbalogan.