"Where Comfort Become Luxurious"

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Why Alegro Hotel & Restaurant is number 1 in BOOKING.com?

  • The Hotel is number One. because, of it’s Excellent services.
  • Alegro Hotel is number One. that is why?, Our well trained staff can attend our guests’ needs 24/7.
  • Alegro Hotel is number One, for its organized and efficient services.
  • The Cleanliness rate of the hotel is 8.3 base on booking.com.
  • The Rating of Comfort is 8.2 base on booking.com.
  • 7.9 is the rating for Good location from booking.com.
  • 7.7  is also the rating of the facilities in the hotel.
  • The Rating of staff is 8.5. in other words, our staff are very accommodating.
  • The value for money rating is 8.0.